Day 4 – Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

Today was about a group of (Indian raised) brown girls sitting in a white people’s café, enjoying their freedom of speech and life.

I recently discovered The Mayries, an acoustic duo that performs beautiful folk/indie renditions of pop hits. As the sun hides in the clouds and my cup of tea comforts my soul, there’s a tune that plays in the background while I type this post. It is a tune made of a melting pot of freedom and responsibility, and sass and serendipity (thank you Cyndi Lauper).

Today is about my Melbourne mains – made of freedom and responsibility, and sass and serendipity.

Melbourne Mains

What is character? Is it what you’re taught or what you build through life experiences? It is a check list or going to bed with a clear conscience? Is it for others or for yourself?

As I looked around the table at this café, I did not see a group of restrained Indians — by culture, their families or themselves. I saw a group of self-assured young adults who knew exactly what they wanted, and saw no shame in saying it. I saw a group of girls who were unapologetically themselves not because they are in a different country but because they (we) are the privileged ones. I saw a group of girls admitting to their weaknesses while also showing strength in how they handle these situations.

We were just girls having fun.

Growing up, you’re told to say the right thing. You’re taught to be politically correct and always know your place. You’re taught to ask questions based on the answer wanted to be given. You’re taught to think in black or white, never grey or in technicolour. You’re taught to react, not act. You’re taught to live right, without ever truly living.


As I looked around the table, I saw a group of very different individuals — same same but different — with one common link. Freedom from fear; freedom we were given without a fight. We weren’t rebels without a cause, we were on the spectrum of reason and doubt. Hell, we were the spectrum (yes Aakansha). We were free to set the foundation for our principles and values. We were the privileged ones, taught to ask questions tailored to sensibilities. We were taught to be passionate. We taught to be opinionated but also compassionate. We taught to be different but also alike. We were taught to live.

As I looked around the table, I saw a group of friends living their lives (right). No filters or facades.

We were just girls having fun.

I smiled and am still smiling (with pride, wonder and love). I am blessed with the fortunate ones, I hope you are too.

Today’s tune – Girls Just Wanna Have Fun by The Mayries.

Day 4 – 7 May 2017.
362 days to go.

Thanks for listening and if you relate, say hello, please and thank you.

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