Day 25 – Will I ever be in the now?

I am always inside my head, thinking about situations, people and places over and over. I shouldn’t be but I am. How will I ever truly live? How do I feel happiness and freedom?

Lately, I sense that I have been getting attached to the idea of something rather than the person or experience itself. I chalk out scenarios of how they should respond rather than allowing them to be and it is getting in way of me being my 100%. I put on masks to make myself feel something I won’t naturally feel. In reality, I am just trapped in my mind, unable to find the keyhole to the path to being free. Being trapped is the worst feeling. It is the worst because you are doing it to yourself. The mind is such a tricky place, one wrong move, and the switch could be flipped for life. How do you then cope? How do live in the now?

What now? I just can’t figure it out
What now? I guess I’ll just wait it out

Today’s tune: What Now by Rihanna.

Day 25 – 28 May 2017.
341 days to go.

Thanks for listening and if you relate, say hello, please and thank you.


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